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Fenton | Bound To The Heart Character Profile

Last year saw the beginning of a new tradition here on the blog. Every quarter, I've shared a new profile from the cast of my Regency Era romance WIP, Bound to the Heart.

I rang in 2023 and launched this series with Zach's bio. 2024 starts with his best friend, Fenton.

By the way, this character rendering was created using The Sims 4. Any CC used will be noted at the bottom of this post.


Fenton is Zach's best friend and co-owner of their bookshop, Reliure. While Zach tends to remain in the back, Fenton deals with customers and the public.

The pair met as students at Eton and have been close ever since. They respect each other like brothers, having each other's backs without judgment.

Like Zach, Fenton has lived in London for a bit over five years now, and takes more advantage of the recreation and amusements the city has to offer. Once the bookshop has been closed for the day, Fenton can likely be found at White's.

Fenton tends to be one step ahead of Zach when it comes to romantic affairs. Though he doesn't want to pressure Zach to marry, he does worry he's become too much of a stick in the mud and will be too content to keep to himself for the rest of his days. He also has an annoying habit of being able to "read" Zach despite his overall stoic nature—which becomes especially irksome for Zach when his feelings for Eve begin to emerge...

Fun Facts About Fenton

  • Fenton's first name is seldom used, per Regency Era standard conduct, but it happens to be Robert.

  • If you were to cosplay as Fenton, a silver pocket watch would be an essential accessory. The man is rarely seen without his!

  • Fenton is the only brother among three sisters.

  • It was actually Fenton's uncle who taught Zach everything he knows about bookbinding! Fenton knows his fair share, too, but admittedly doesn't possess his friend's mastery of the craft.

  • Fenton once got into a fight at Eton with another student over, "something no one remembers now" and accidentally punched Zach as he was trying to break it up, leaving him with a black eye. Fenton hates when this story is told...

Zach and Fenton's bromance is one of my favorite things about Bound to the Heart. I've always enjoyed writing and revisiting their interactions. The way these two just "get" each other just delights me, and I hope future readers will appreciate this duo just as much.

As promised, here is the Sims 4 CC used in the creation of Fenton's Sim:



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