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Eve Chavasse | Bound To The Heart Character Profile

In January, this series of character introductions kicked off with a bio of Zach Thayer, one of the protagonists in my Regency Era bookshop romance titled Bound to the Heart. Set in London, it's full of wintertime coziness, an emphasis on platonic relationships, exploration of grief, and finding your own definition of love.

This quarter, it's time to introduce the other main character of Bound to the Heart: Eve Chavasse.

By the way, this character rendering was created using The Sims 4. Any CC used will be noted at the bottom of this post.

Eve Chavasse

When I describe Bound to the Heart in brief online, one phrase you will see me use is that it follows a "hopeless romantic with a grieving heart (and an overbearing mother).

Eve Chavasse, though at times showing too much restraint in her emotions, is a young lady unafraid to pursue what she most desires and follow her dearest passions—even when they are misunderstood by those around her.

The approaching Season is something Eve has dreamt of since adolescence, but things are not as she hoped. Losses of the previous year linger over Eve and her mother, sullying the excitement. First, her brother was killed while serving in the military, followed by pneumonia claiming her father's life not long after.

Grief must be pushed aside as her mother's determination to find Eve a suitable husband take precedence. Eve, however, has a different sense of what she finds ideal in a potential partner.

A suitor's wealth or standing in the ton are not as consequential in Eve's mind even when necessity demands seeking them. All she truly desires is to marry for love, to find a spouse who does not aspire to tamp down her interests.

Her love of reading romance novels and affection for the heroes within them were the nearest to her desires she had experienced prior to reaching London, albeit vicariously. The men her mother acquaints her with fail to show so much as a hint of their suave chivalry.

A chance meeting with Zach Thayer, away from her mother's influence, sparks what could very well be a connection beyond friendship. Try as she believes she ought, Eve cannot deny her fondness for him.

Her mother would not support Eve's attachment to a bookseller any more than she approves of her penchant for reading. The more Mrs. Chavasse endeavors to set her daughter up with a suitor meeting her unreasonably high standards, Eve realizes how much she desires to be with Zach.

Fairytales may not be real, but perhaps love can be better than anything conceived by fiction.

Fun Facts About Eve

  • Early iterations of Eve have her as something of a cross between Mary Bennett and Marianne Dashwood. She's evolved over time to become more of her own character, though vestiges of each do remain in her.

  • As much as I adore writing about ballgowns, my favorite of Eve's outfits is the olive-colored day dress worn during the proposal she turns down, as it not only brings out her eyes but pairs well with the green cover of her favorite romance novel.

  • A modern-day Eve would be absolutely crushing the BookTube and BookTok game, and would honestly be roped into improving the social media accounts for Zach's bookshop.

Eve is a character with a lot of complexity to her. There is a lot going on under the surface, and it's interesting to see how her relationships bring out that side of her—and which do not.

Expect to see more character profiles from Bound to the Heart throughout the year. Eve has gone through so many changes since the first draft, and writing this post has made me appreciate how the story has grown.

A different character will be featured next quarter, so stay tuned!

As promised, here is the Sims 4 CC used in the creation of Eve's Sim:



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