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About Me

The first time I knew I wanted to persue writing career was in my early teens, starting my initial attempt at a novel during my freshman year, handwritten on looseleaf paper in a binder that would become something of an extension of myself.

Romance always appealed to me and I experimened with a historical setting left ambiguous for the first few years. "Sometime Sans-Electricity" seemed good enough for the moment.


It was not until my high school AP English class started a unit on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice that I fell in love with the Regency Era (1811-1820).

In the years since, I have written several first drafts and countless second-and-so-on drafts as I slowly venture towards eventual publication—something I hope occurs in the near future. As some might say, the process is something of a marathon and far from a sprint. Regardless of the pace, I invite you to follow me on this exciting and nerve-racking journey.

I am a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts where I earned my Bachelor's degree in English/Communications with a concentration in Creative Writing. When I'm not working on any of my projects, you'll most likely find me rocking out to my favorite music, counting down the days until my next concert, experimenting with new eyeshadow looks, and doting on my absolute rambunctious gentleman of a cat, Willow Oh-No-It's-A-Boy Willoughby. 

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