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What Is A Back Pocket Blog Post?

The vast majority of writing-related posts on my blog have to do with fiction. Sometimes, it will be more generalized advice and tips or more specific looks into my own ongoing WIPs.

This week, I'm shifting gears ever so slightly with a more blogging-focused post.

Even though I recently celebrated five years of running the blog, I haven't shared much about my process and what goes on on my side of the screen. I usually keep the focus on my fiction projects.

That's why I thought it would be fun to share a bit about a tool that's always come in handy: the Back Pocket Blog Post.

It's no secret that I write content for the blog in advance.

Anyone who was following me on social media last year during the late summer and early fall months last year likely saw my posts about "Pre-Preptober," which was basically an extension of the NaNoWriMo precursor, Preptober. Knowing my attention would be entirely dedicated to drafting A Tided Love in November, a hefty chunk of Pre-Preptober was spent preparing as many of 2023's remaining posts as possible and the drafting first posts for 2024.

In addition, I was also working on what I call Back Pocket Posts. But what are they, exactly? And what are they even for?

Why Back Pocket Posts?

One of the reasons I prepare blog posts ahead of schedule is just in case life finds a way to get in the way (as it so often does) and prevents me from being able to write. It helps to know I have posts ready to go.

While I prioritize seasonal and time-sensitive topics, things that have to go live within a certain timeframe, I'll also work on posts that can go up whenever.

In other words, posts I can keep in my back pocket for when I need them.

Some Back Pocket Posts have served as temporary placeholders. This ensures that there is a post ready to be uploaded that week, but also allows for flexibility.

There have been instances in the past where something on social media gets me thinking and I don't want to hold off on contributing to the conversation. Or, as was the case with my Barbie and the Hero's Journey post, I'm just too excited about the idea and don't want to wait.

Depending on the circumstance, that new post may be published as a bonus mid-week post, or whatever was scheduled gets pushed back to accommodate the more pressing matter.

On the other hand, something may not happen and I need to make adjustments. Let's say I'm aiming to do a Q&A but my social media posts calling for questions don't get enough engagement and I don't have anything to answer. That's when I might move a Back Pocket Post up to cover that week. The same can happen if I decide to scrap a planned post altogether and need to put something in its place.

Back Pocket Posts will be the first thing I'll shift around because doing so won't disrupt too much—because, let me tell you, rescheduling posts (at least with my current platform), can be a pain!

They can also be a change of pace after a multi-week series or when I've ended up with unconnected posts that just have the same vibe.

What Counts As A Back Pocket Post (To Me, Anyway)

While I might have some writing-centric posts planned for a specific time of year, like my romance-themed posts every February, some topics are more flexible. There are times that a post feels more summery and can go up at any time between June and September. Others can simply go anywhere, any time at all.

For example, well, this post you're reading right now. As I'm writing this, I don't have a set upload date in mind the way I did with my posts about my writing goals for 2024 or the Enemies To Lovers trope. Instead, I kept it in my Drafts until a good time came for it.

The bulk of anecdotes and video game-related posts originate as Back Pocket Posts. The more frivolous posts, if you will. What I write on a whim.

Suffice it to say the more chill posts and those without an intended upload might have once been a Back Pocket Post.

I'm definitely more of a Planner when it comes to the blog than I am when writing fiction. Considering how far in advance I lay out my blogging schedule, it may come as a surprise that things aren't set in stone. While some posts are intended for a specific month or season, others are just tucked away in my back pocket until I need them.

Back Pocket Posts are a good tool to make use of as a blogger. They're helpful for a number of reasons, from bridging gaps in your lineup to creating a space to write more frolicsome content than your norm.



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