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Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

Hello and Happy Launch Day!

My name is Avril Marie Aalund, and it is both my pleasure and honor to welcome you to my blog. I am an aspiring historical fiction novelist concentrated within England’s Regency Era (1811-1820).

Writing fiction has always been a hobby of mine, but not something I considered a possible career until my early teens when I began working on the first of my yet-to-be-published novels. Since then, writing has become my absolute passion.

When I was just starting out as a writer, I often turned to online resources in order to find advice and broaden my understanding of various aspects within the craft. Even though I have more experience now than I did back then, I still refer to many of my favorites for guidance. After all, the writing community is constantly expanding with new voices and perspectives, modern takes on literature’s greats, and lessons to be learned throughout centuries of written works. I hope to contribute to this through my own blog, even if only in a small capacity, sharing the bits of advice I have picked up along the way with you and connecting with other writers.

As for my little corner of the internet, I expect this blog will evolve over time and I would very much like to see myself grow as a writer alongside it.

For now, however, you can read more About Me and my writing journey on my page of the same name here, and be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

Thank you so much for stopping by!



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