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Introducing Plot Bunny Hollow

Writers are no strangers to chasing ideas. And sometimes, we have more than we can wrangle or ideas that are harder to pin down.

These ideas are sometimes called "Plot Bunnies." While there is no specific or exact origin I can find for the term, it's generally used to describe those story ideas that grab hold of you—maybe even annoy you like a little pest--until you sit down to write them.

To this definition, I might also add that the term may also be derived from how quickly plot bunnies multiply. If you're like me, working on one story might end up sparking another, and another, and another...

A lot of these come to me in the middle of the night. You know, those seemingly random yet brilliant thoughts that jump into your mind when you wake up to grab a glass of water and are certain you'll remember in the morning only to realize it's fuzzy and eluding your memory.

Plot Bunnies may also spring to mind while you're in the middle of non-writing things. Perhaps you're at the good ol' day job and have to focus on that or you're stuck in the carpool lane at your child's school waiting to pick them up so you can scurry over to your in-laws' home for your weekly dinner game night. Or maybe you're in the middle of washing the dishes or vacuuming the living room or changing the sheets on your bed. All of these ideas start hopping around in your head. They're brilliant! The basis for your magnum opus. Characters who will become like family to your future readers. Moments that will have every emotion felt so deeply. Moral quandaries and daring adventures that will inspire book reports and essays for years to come. Little snippets of a concept that provoke that smirk on your face.

And you just can't seem to wrangle them.

But maybe it's not about wrangling those plot bunnies, but about giving them a special place to frolic.

That's why I am delighted to introduce Plot Bunny Hollow!

After a soft launch this past winter, Plot Bunny Hollow is live on Etsy and Redbubble!

Plot Bunny Hollow has been in the works for several months now and is still in development. I'm treating this as a soft launch of sorts.

On Etsy, you'll find downloadable reading journals, word count trackers, wall art, with more to come—all ready for printed and digital use!

And if you like a certain wall art design, you'll be able to find it in my Redbubble store and have it printed on pencil cases, mugs, and even physical prints! I purchased the "You Can Always Fix It In Editing" design as a pouch for my editing pens and I can assure you the quality of the fabric is wonderful. Redbubble will also occasionally add exclusive designs that won't be available in the Plot Bunny Hollow Etsy shop.

I'll be adding new designs periodically and cannot wait to share everything to come!

Plot Bunny Hollow has been a hard secret to keep. I am so excited to be entering this new creative venture. If you'd like to tag along for the journey, you can find all of Plot Bunny Hollow's links here:



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