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Welcome To The NEW

After much consideration and work on my side of the screen, I am absolutely delighted to unveil the NEW!

Giving my platform an overhaul had been on my mind for a while and with my two-year blogging anniversary on the horizon, I felt a refresh was in order.

Now that everything is set up and live, I wanted to share what to expect.

Only a few things have changed, most of which are in the platform itself. The biggest of these is that I have left WordPress and am now working with Wix (something I will expand on next week).

This move brings a new layout to the homepage I am especially excited about. Along with my most recent posts, you will also be able to scroll through a selection of my most popular posts (based on WordPress statistics) and some of my personal favorites.

In the menu bar, you might also notice a tab labeled Q&A Submissions. This is a brand new addition to the site and I am very excited to introduce it.

Clicking that Q&A Submissions button will take you to a form where you can send in questions I might feature in a future post.

I've done a few Q&As in the past, with submissions taken from comments on social media posts.

Previous Q&As have been a spur-of-the-moment thing but I hope to do them on a more regular basis depending on how things go. I'm hoping to make it a quarterly thing.

With those changes covered, let's talk about what remains consistent.

Blog posts will still be going up on Sundays at noon. My URL has been transferred over, so will direct you here rather than WordPress and all of my past posts have also been brought over.

I will also be posting on my social media accounts when a new article goes live, so be sure to follow me over on Twitter and Facebook if you have not already done so.

That's the basic overview of what's new.

To put a twist on my traditional sign-off from my college radio host days: Same time. Same URL. Different Site.



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