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Spring Cleaning Updates

With March halfway over, clocks sprung an hour ahead, and the weather starting to warm up after what has been a relatively mild winter, the season of spring cleaning is nearly upon us.

While I have been focused on my organizing bedroom (because I moved over a year ago and still haven’t sorted out my closet) and The Hollow, another area I’ve been tackling is the blog.

WordPress allows its users to establish categories for their posts. This is a feature I haven’t been making much use of up until now, in part because the layout I chose back in the early days of setting up the site was not too heavily focused on it. 

However, as you might have already seen, I’ve done some reorganizing and rearranging lately and wanted to share a little bit about the changes I’ve made.

If you browse through the navigation bar, you’ll find a few new items in the menu, detailed below.

Writing Tips And Tricks

These posts are dedicated to my writing process including writing and editing.


This category is still developing, but that’s where you’ll find posts that are related to blogging (including the one you’re reading now).

Writer’s Life

Inspired by the Twitter hashtag of the same name, these are posts that are not exactly related to my writing process but have given me a new perspective on the subject or have influenced my journey.


Since starting this blog, I make a point to not only share my yearly goals but write a check-in post about midway through the year to not only update visitors on my progress but show how I am adjusting them should I need to. This way, I am able to hold myself accountable while providing a behind-the-scenes look at the process of writing and eventually publishing a novel.


As the name suggests, this will lead you to the opinion pieces I’ve written.


This is where you’ll find the posts with some of the most views to date.


These posts might not be among the most popular, but they are ones that I am most proud of or topics I just genuinely enjoyed writing about.

That’s all that’s really changed around these parts for the moment, but I’ll let you know if anything else does.

To stay up to date with my blog posts and other things, be sure to follow me over on Twitter and on Facebook.




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