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New Year, New Writing Goals | My Plans for 2019

Happy New Year!

2018 is officially over and we are settling into another trip around the sun.

With a new year comes making new resolutions~or, if you’re like me, making resolutions only to forget you’ve made them.

But this year, I want that to change. 

Like many bloggers this time of year, I’ve decided to dedicate this week to my writing goals for 2019 and the reasoning behind them.

One ~ Finish this draft of Guises to Keep and leave it alone

Guises to Keep is my longest project. 2019 marks nine(!?) years since I started working on its first draft, but it is still in a constant state of revision. I’ve developed a habit of finishing a round of edits on the last and immediately launching myself back to the first. This constant cycle has been hindering my progress because I have not allowed myself enough time away from it.

At the time of writing this post, I’m on Chapter Twenty-Five out Forty-Six. As soon as the document is saved, it’s going to be closed.

For how long? See the second goal.

Two ~ Complete a second draft of Bound to the Heart

April 2019 will mark one year since the completion of BttH. Unlike Guises to Keep, I’ve managed to step away from this one. In part, this is because I feel like it needs less attention than the first of my novels. It was written towards the end of my senior year of college career so I had far more experience as a writer from various courses I had taken, whereas Guises to Keep was started in during my first year of high school. I don’t have such a compulsive need to go back and make as many drastic revisions.

I do, however, have revisions to make. A lot of them. As I expect this to be the first of my novels I expect to publish, I need to get it to a point where I would feel comfortable sending it to any prospective critique partners and editors. Bound to the Heart needs to become my primary focus in terms of the revision process.

But what about the writing process?

Three ~ Finish the first draft of Against His Vows

AHV is the third of my novels, started in August 2018. This one has been slower because of the research I’ve been doing for it. Agriculture is not one of my areas of expertise, so the amount of research I’ve been doing as of late has me feeling like I’m back in college all over again but with fewer deadlines. This lack of deadlines seems to be slowing me down. Bound to the Heart was written in a little over four months as the research project component of a travel course. I somehow managed to pull off writing an entire novel and binding it as an actual book in addition to my other classes, my part-time job, editing articles for the student newspaper, and running my weekly radio show. Believe me when I say it wasn’t easy.

This proves two things. One, I clearly sold part of if not all of my soul to make it happen. Two, when I have to do something in a set amount of time, I manage to get it done.

No deadlines, no worries, less pressure to complete the task at hand.

Against His Vows has fallen to the wayside a little bit. I’m an easily distracted person. When I’m supposed to be researching barley and rye cultivation in the 1800s, I somehow end up deep in the rabbit holes of Netflix. Not good.

In order to get myself back on track, I’m setting a deadline for myself and hoping to have the first draft of Against His Vows finished by the end of this year.

Four ~ Stay ahead on blog posts

As you may have read, I’m still fairly new to blogging. Consistency is my main goal in terms of content in both quality and quantity. It’s my current plan to have several weeks’ worth of posts ready to go at any given point. Life can get chaotic, but I want to ensure this site will not fall behind and get lost in it. I want to be certain that no matter what is going on behind the screen, there will be something new for you to find here every week.

This blog matters a great deal to me, as does my writing. I’ve always been dedicated to both, especially the latter, but I’m taking 2019 as a chance to refine that passion and give it a new energy. I want this year to be one of creativity and consistency.

Maybe it’ll be the first time I actually follow through with the resolutions I make! But as long as writing is happening in some form and progress is being made towards my long-term goals of publication, I’ll be happy.

No matter what you do in 2019, do it in earnest and make the most of it. 

What writing goals do you have for this year? Let me know in the comments down below!



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